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Success Quote

This article was last updated 29 December 2011

Many a success quote, actually reveals a predominant theme to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

 "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." Sir Winston Churchill  (A real hard success quote, but so true)

No one achieves success instantaneously. Success arrives through the process of failing over and over, getting back up each time and persisting.

The magic secret of all successful people is continuing to strive until the goal is achieved.

Time after time we meet obstacles. Those obstacles are only insurmountable if you perceive them as such.

Persistent and consistent action, on a well designed course of action, results in success.

Note the clue of "well designed course of action."

A major part of success is showing up over and over again with the right attitude, and a determination which will not be denied.

"It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude" (One of my favourite success quote of all times)

First define exactly what you desire to achieve. Being very specific about your destination creates the beginning of a success track.

Know exactly what success "looks like" for you.

Define success in every specific detail: the amount of money, the achievement of a very specific award, an exact number on the scales, comfortably wearing a specific size or a specific garment. Read a success quote from Think And Grow Rich Made Easy first chapter about creating a "burning desire"

Knowing precisely what goal constitutes success to you, is the only way you can quantitatively measure achieving it.

For an athlete, it may be competing in the Olympic Games, and winning the gold medal in a specific event, its a shame my sons sport is not in the Olympics.

For someone who is dieting and exercising, (Aren't we all)  it may be comfortably zipping and buttoning up that favorite pair of jeans.

For someone else, it may be earning ten thousand dollars a month, or even one hundred thousand dollars a month.

Different people have different measures of success.

I love a success quote from Bob Dylan, rock star, says, "A person is a success if he gets up in the morning, and gets to bed at nigh,t and in between does what he wants to do."

Being able to do what you choose to do, rather than what you feel you are required to do, certainly feels successful, and to me living a life on your terms, rather than on someone else's terms, implies a degree of success and freedom.

Any time someone else controls your time and duties, you are never totally free.

Success embodies freedom to most people.

Entrepreneurialism conveys a degree of freedom to me, plus it allows me to establish my own duties, my own hours, and my own potential lifestyle.

Success changes over the years. What constituted success in my 30s as a dedicated businessman, was an entirely different set of criteria than any of my success in my 50s.

Success becomes an evolving goal as it should, and ideally, you should keep achieving your success target, and then raising the bar again for yourself.

I love Monty Hall's success quote, "Actually, I'm an overnight success, but it took twenty years."

Set your ideal achievement, what true success looks like to you. Next create a specific plan to achieve that success goal.

If you are an entrepreneur, it will consist of a certain number of customers, a certain amount of earnings or even better, a specific net profit per month. Designing your plan will include knowing which marketing method you prefer.

Know how you plan to utilize the marketing method in order to generate the ideal number of customers.

What do you need to learn and do, in order to implement that marketing strategy successfully?

Specify the number of leads or customers you require, in order to generate a specific number of sales.

Take Action.

Know every detail of what you consider your success goal. Design the specific plan to achieve it. Put the plan into action. Give yourself regular checkpoints to determine if you are on schedule. Readjust as necessary. Be persistent and consistent. Success absolutely results with this formula.

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